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Book A Home Collection Visit

Follow these simple steps to book a home collection visit with DoctorsPathLabs.

1. Provide Us Your Location Details
Avoid stepping out during the pandemic, and let us take care of the diagnostic testing needs for you. Just provide us with your location details, and our collection specialist will be at your doorstep at your selected time.

2. Pick-up Sample Collection Time Yourself
Book an appointment for blood/urine sample collection at your convenient time and get your sample collected safely from the comfort of your home. We are open for blood/urine sample collection from home on Sundays as well.

3. Professional & Highly Trained Phlebotomists
Phlebotomists are people trained to draw out blood from the veins for medical testing purposes. All phlebotomists at DoctorsPathLabs are professional and highly trained in their work. Safety is of utmost importance for us, so we follow strict hygiene protocols while collecting blood samples.

4. Get Your Test Reports Online
Once the test reports are ready, we send an SMS to intimate about it. You can access the test report from the link provided in it. We make test reports available within 24 hrs of the sample collection.

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